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Perhaps my favourite hentai is lolicon angel. Here's I english dub I got a chick to make http://www.mediafire.com/watch/bv0bdqu31fg33v8/lolicon_angel_dub.mp4

Yeah, it's just a 1 minute scene. But it's in English
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They should remake this in live action whit Shia LA Beowulf
>> No. 5659 Quote report quickreply 
Well damn. Someone else knows about this. Looking forward to checking out your fan dub

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Loli butts getting spanked.
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File 1420153603804.jpg
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File 1420422955411.gif
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File 1422580804760.jpg

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Hello folks. Any loli artists out here that would want to chat for a bit? I'm an aspiring artist myself, but all my current friends are years ahead of me in skill.

Pic related, one of my drawings.
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not an artists by any extent of the imagination, but I like your stuff! do you have a page I could follow you on?
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File 1423717089100.jpg
Hi OP. Nice to know another loli artist. It's hard to get feedback when other people just freak out because of loli so I hope to meet more artists on the future.

I'm here lol
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File 1423736285697.jpg
I draw from time to time but recently have been taking it a bit more seriously and really have been trying to get better at loli-doodles. Everything's on paper so I don't have anything to post but I like your work OP! Truth be told the eyes on the first pic scare me a little bit but other than that it's very cute.
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File 1423789146950.png
I draw loli occasionally, but I have little to no online presence. Participated in a couple drawthreads on Halfchan, I think. Two commissions recently, too.

Is that your picture? If so, that's pretty darn good.
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File 1423791792988.jpg
From where do you guys get commissions?
At this rate I'm not gonna eat next week :D

Thanks. Yours look great too.

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Loli's from Western Vydra games.
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He was talking about 3d. But if rumors are to be believed, they're going to go the HF router and purge all underage looking art. Fun fact, exhentai also has 3d loli banned, but they obviously can't acknowledge that because that'd mean also acknowledging exhentai's existence.
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File 1417892058187.jpg
>But if rumors are to be believed, paheal is going to go the HF route and purge all underage looking art.

"No exceptions" my ass.
>> No. 5732 Quote report quickreply 
If this finally goes through and nobody has managed to mirror or rip all those images, the loss for the hentai community will be inconceivable.
>> No. 5733 Quote report quickreply 
It depends on which Rule34 you are talking about. There more than 3 such sites.
>> No. 5734 Quote report quickreply 
There's just one r34 with tens of thousands of pictures in danger of being purged.

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Catgirl thread
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File 1423795018829.png
Nya- (^-w-)^
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File 1423795138088.jpg

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Hide Thread File ffffdddd.jpg
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On an impulse I went ahead and purchased this


the splash screen works-
Anything past the main menu, it just errors. Japanese locale doesn't work, nor doesn't admin.

All the more glory to those who help me crack this nut

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>> No. 5738 Quote report quickreply 

didn't work.

could you be a little more descriptive
>> No. 5739 Quote report quickreply 
ok i'll try to be more descriptive ,
1. download the link from op
2. go in control panel ,language, put the locale as japanese(it's the 4th little window the second button)
3. le computer will ask to reboot push ok
4. extract the file you downloaded from op link (extract here)
5. double click on .exe
6. it work you can masturbate peacefully

OP the game you bought from dlsite is censored the scene with red hair girl is deleted(sorry) only the dmm game is not censored.
>> No. 5740 Quote report quickreply 
well shit

thanks for your help anyway

hopefully someone can get the dmm one eventually
>> No. 5741 Quote report quickreply 
Got it to work, thanks
>> No. 5742 Quote report quickreply 
so, is there a torrent or place I can get this? The Megaupload doesn't work

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File RJ038936.jpg

Game Download:
>> No. 4866 Quote report quickreply 
File RJ099589.jpg


>> No. 4907 Quote report quickreply 
played the first, downloading the second. anyone know where i can get more?
>> No. 4914 Quote report quickreply 
Are the games in English?
>> No. 4976 Quote report quickreply 
sexy shot has english option

Hide Thread File 7c03bccf839ad5af824aba8231831ba74cf967b7.jpg
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sakura card captor lolinco

Hide Thread File 1411229507798-1.jpg
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Post 'em all
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File 1411229507798-3.jpg
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File 1411239018401.jpg
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File 1411239234532-0.png
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File 1411239234533-2.png
>> No. 4973 Quote report quickreply 
File 1411239586737_jpeg.jpg
this picture is legendary

Hide Thread File soundtrack-cover.png
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Play this hentai game. Highly recommended! It's in deutch but fear not, you can read my walkthrough:

Download the game from here: http://unteralterbach.net/

Is a lot faster
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>> No. 5791 Quote report quickreply 
Lol has anyone seen the broom scene with laura yet.
>> No. 5792 Quote report quickreply 
Yep. It was much easier to get than his sisters scene!
>> No. 5793 Quote report quickreply 
How do you get the broom i'm having trouble getting it.
>> No. 5794 Quote report quickreply 
File 1414985033001.png
new yummy art! check: http://www.krautchan.net/h
>> No. 5795 Quote report quickreply 
I love this game is so fucking HOT!, GOTY FOR ME!
thank you very much Berndsoft team!!

Hide Thread File 0G 1.jpg
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This is an unknown artist to me but I like his simple lines and style...Here's the first dozen I've 'rendered'...colored and supplied some real girl's eyes,, \
What do you think? Want the raunchier second half?
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File 0G20.jpg
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File 0G21.jpg
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File 0G22.jpg
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File 0G23.jpg
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File 0G24.jpg

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