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File 1426791739710.jpg

If you could have sex with anyone, anywhere, whenever you want, for one day, with no repercussions, describe your day.

Given that your sexual stamina is also unlimited, so that you can keep at it over and over again.

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>suck on a huge cock

Ha, gay. I'd have him ram my loli ass while 69-ing with the other loli.

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OP, great idea for a movie, like The Purge but with sex?

Seriously, once the holodecks are here a ton of people are gonna live in them and possibly perish if they forget to come back to the real world to eat or sleep.

If I could have one day I think I'd still want it to be in VR. My real body would probably be sore and out of fluids by the 4 hour mark.

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You do know that the first(and probably only thing) the world would ban in holodecks is virtual child sex, right? There's no reason to think that won't happen, and there's even precedent for it: Second Life.

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File 1440493498071.jpg

Wich reminds me of this

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Oh yeah, because banning things has always stopped the from existing /s

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File 136252023212.jpg

You know what I want?
Big titted lolis!

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File 136517590114.jpg

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File 136517590139.jpg

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File 136517590213.jpg

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File 136517590225.jpg

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Uhh, big titted lolis aren't lolis...

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File 1416180139450-3.jpg

We're lacking a panties thread.

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File 1424204306058-3.jpg

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File 1425805132807-0.jpg

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File 1425805132807-1.jpg

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File 1425805132807-2.png

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File mii02j.jpg

better this one

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File 1427434565440_jpeg.jpg

Does anyone besides me have a fetish where the girls still doing their own thing while having sex?

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I love this stuff, but I'm never sure how to search for it or what to called it.

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It's ながらプレイ in pixiv.

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multitasking on gelbooru

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sad panda? this is very sad :(

pandas are cool

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File 1418012342941.jpg

anyone know where the nude/ loli mod for skyrim ended up or if someone got it for shares?

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Well obviously it depends on what you have installed. It could be because of mod conflict or something you have is lagging you up. Try disabling mods with Mod Organizer and see what's the cause.

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Anyone know what happened to allthefallen? Looks like they are down completely, not showing anything but a default dead-site search page when trying to get to any links or their home page.

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>Looks like they are down completely
Add this line to hosts file:

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I have frame rate issues also when I have lots of characters in the area

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ATF is now hosted at

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File 1418160166670.png

A lot of you probably get off on fantasies of having sex with a loli. But how many of you are like me and fantasize about being the loli?

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Actually it's for this reason that I come here. Learned to masturbate at a very young age. I was probably a pedo's wet dream with how often I'd do that to myself.

So I end up masturbating to lolicon as an adult and slipping into the fantasy of things happening to me at that age.

Can't tell anyone about it for fear that they'd mistake me for a pedophile, when in reality the only kid in the fantasy is me and I have no desire for kids at all.

It would be hard to explain that to anyone if they knew I used this kind of porn.

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The singularity is coming —
you just gotta believe, anon.

Becoming a little girl doesn't violate any physical law. If you think about other future possibilities people talk about seriously, like interstellar travel, well… becoming a loli is far more realistic.

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I do. I actually E/RP as one almost daily. I've found I love the feeling of seducing my nii-san

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Are you talking about "Dokuro-chan"?

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Hi, LoliDolly, nice to see you here ;)

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File 1419704950458.png

Anything related to Pee
Lolis peeing while gettin fucked, peeing their panties, Futas peeing ect.

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File 1426084971884-1.jpg

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File 1426084971884-2.jpg

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File 1426084971884-3.jpg

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File 1426084971884-4.jpg

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File 11_5476174.jpg

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File 1428887334182.png

Lolidom thread

post some sad panda links

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File 1428957619632.jpg

I would, but I'm a noob when it comes to translating.

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File 1429029458927-0.png

>"femdom" where the girl gets raped/becomes submissive

If this shit didn't happen, you could maybe talk about godly artists.

Why does almost every fucking femdom doujin go like that? Girl gets on top, faggot guy pushes her down. If I wanted to see that, I wouldn't be looking at femdom in the first damn place. It defeats the entire point.

>> No. 6980 Quote report quickreply 

They don't, that one does though. That one wasn't really femdom anyway. Gomennasai is godly. When you search for femdom few happen like that, most stay femdom.

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File 1429034722625.png

theres already a lolidom thread up btw. reposting some links
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 1429161601944.jpg

This is one of my favorite futa on male doujinshi.
I guess the main reason is because it stars Konata (*´◡`*)

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File 1430156337083.jpg

Any good loli eroge?

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are there 2 OreImo games now?

>> No. 6969 Quote report quickreply 
File 1430259206929.jpg

VNDB is your friend

a lot of VNs have a loli character route or 2 that you can read.

so theres plenty to choose from.

musumaker is pretty good.

>> No. 6970 Quote report quickreply 

i think those were the same ones, my mistake.
so very few in english

>> No. 6971 Quote report quickreply 

The Exotic Condenser games are great. Wish they had a translation though…

Official website:

>> No. 6972 Quote report quickreply 
File 1430281954011-0.png

Site rip when?

Also here's Super 117, a game where you chase a loli of your choice, throw bombs at her until she's stark naked, and gangbang her with your bros.同人ゲーム)_[2014-11-20][RJ144379][七草堂]_SUPER_117_~帰ってきた天気予報~_(Ver1.02)_(Ver.1.02).rar

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File 14056792101.jpg

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File 140796057491.jpg

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File 141141030819.jpg

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File 141141044466.jpg

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File 141222037132.jpg

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File 1415152088200.jpg

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File 1414904284771.png

Perhaps my favourite hentai is lolicon angel. Here's I english dub I got a chick to make!QIIBgKDR!uRLJRYkDsFKkRX5bwWKl4IWc8H_urJbsVGJISWUFqMY

Yeah, it's just a 1 minute scene. But it's in English

>> No. 5658 Quote report quickreply 

They should remake this in live action whit Shia LA Beowulf

>> No. 5659 Quote report quickreply 

Well damn. Someone else knows about this. Looking forward to checking out your fan dub

>> No. 6928 Quote report quickreply 

can you provide the full length of this video without dub.only eng subtitles.

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File 1411645732267.jpg

Post diaper loli I here

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File 1426894220331.jpg

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File 1426894451895.jpg

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File 1426894556156.jpg

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File 1426894681894.jpg

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File 1426894993269.jpg

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