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File soundtrack-cover.png

Play this hentai game. Highly recommended! It's in deutch but fear not, you can read my walkthrough:

Download the game from here:

Is a lot faster

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Lol has anyone seen the broom scene with laura yet.

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Yep. It was much easier to get than his sisters scene!

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How do you get the broom i'm having trouble getting it.

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File 1414985033001.png

new yummy art! check:

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I love this game is so fucking HOT!, GOTY FOR ME!
thank you very much Berndsoft team!!

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File pg.jpg

Any idea where I can find this full manga for download? Translated... please...

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Maeshima Ryo - Sugar Spot, translated by biribiri

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File nitioni001.jpg

Does any know know where I can find this one in english?

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that shit doesn't fucking work anymore.

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What browser are you using?
It works on Firefox and Chrome

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Read here to get access!

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firefox, newest version for windows 7. I even have the add-on that is supposed to work. It does not

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turns out i just needed to update the plugin. derp.

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File unnamed.png

share scribblekid commissions if you  have them

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File scrkid099.jpg

Here is the rest of the collection i have.

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I hope you all enjoy the scribble kid collection. ;-)

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File punkygirl3.jpg

op here

all the stuff you posted has been posted before. Someone has to have more commissions as he's been doing comissions for a long time. 

Here's another, now go find something NEW

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File punkygirl3b.jpg

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File unnamed (1).png

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File 128211736096.png

More info:
>this is almost a comprehensive archive.

Alternative links:

11.3gb doujin torrent
Password: sd-lolicondoijins

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File 129434662843.png

Finally finished this torrent, by time the torrent was finished which was about 35 hours I already ended up uploading ~45GB.

I'll be seeding this for the next month or 2 because it really does needs seeders.

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The Lolibooru siterip is giving me touble. When I extract the images, the tags make the filenames longer than 260 characters, which renders them unusable. Any way to fix this?

Also, will be seeding all the torrents for about a month or so, have a ratio of 5.0 on the 11.3 torrent and have uploaded 200GB on the 137 one so far.

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I extracted the 43000+ images into the folder "c:\lb". I opened most of them using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and did not have any problems. (I deleted without opening ones with tags that would indicate uninteresting pictures such as "yaoi", "poju", etc.)

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File 139358345842.jpg

I found myself privy to some delicious content, which I thought that I should share for those interested. So here is the new collection!
>25000 Loli pictures!VJc0FI LS!0tXo4ij_dLQ 2Pa_tiExK25 br3xSP4ctT tmaBbJfkQ5k (no spaces)

>150+ loli comics (Doujin)!scEVFZ KI!I415QNHWa XMm9rJ2X8L8XQK bmsx3 LuFxZ3dJNx2taj0 (No spaces)

Contributions thanks to the lovely Darkstar! Please enjoy!
Password is: mediafiresucksdick

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File 139360366968.jpg

I love you and I want your child.

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File 205.jpg

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File 244.jpg

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File 245.jpg

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File 246.jpg

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File 248.jpg

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File 249.jpg

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File RJ106618_img_main.jpg

えっちな秘密基地 a.k.a. Ecchi Himitsu Kichi

A lot of fakes of this floating around. Finding the real thing was a bit of a bother.

Tested and working.

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ive tryedto do everyhing that was said and for some reason it wont work i get many errors rich edit error or applocale say make its valid?? please help,step by step from the start,im sry im a noob lol

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see link in >>88480 -- that's the simplest method.

Just remember that the program you're trying to start may need to be in an English-name directory. Rename the directory if you need to.

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Does anyone know how to get 100% in this game at all?

>> No. 5993 Quote report quickreply 

I figured it out. On the third part of the game (you get 4 choices if you've finished it once, the 3rd part being the several days of sex) what you want to do is go medium pace and keep clicking the medium pace until the choice on cumming inside, outside, or the other choice that has a ! at the end. Choose the ! and keep clicking the medium speed. Do this for every position and you should get close to it. There is also a scene you get if you cum outside her every day.

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create your own movie (i assume) just shows a black screen w/audio for me. any ideas?

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File 101.jpg

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File 148.jpg

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File 149.jpg

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source plz ? >86553

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File TitleVxV1.png

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great collections.. i think that one is from kinuka..

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File 188921.jpg

search pics from Elli The Last of Us

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File 211610.jpg

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File 211767.jpg

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File 211988.jpg

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File 212226.jpg

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File 212437.jpg

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File 134367806733.jpg

Best Lolicon movie/ova/video?

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Any links for that? Listing on some anime database, shop or maker site?

Google doesn't even know what this is

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your google-fu is just weak.

>> No. 4073 Quote report quickreply 

hey hey!!! Yea, thats it!!! i scowered all over an found a ton of sites offering it but when you finally wait for the download to start and enter the captcha it ends up being a scam "downloader" i dont need a downloader... just the file :(

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I cant tell if you're retarded or just bad at internet.

>> No. 4872 Quote report quickreply 

I can tell... It‘s a combo!
And I bet the retard/noob distribution around 60/40...

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File 1365390279743.jpg

I love loli so much. But i'm a 17 year old girl. Am I wrong ;o

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File 135863166847.jpg

Lolicon's good fun, erotic, but I don't think its pedo. Personally I have no urges for underaged sex, but love lolicon. I don't see why a woman can't love it too, its just about imagination, imagary, fantasy, . . but not reality. personally to find a woman into lolicon is pretty damn hot

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i worked up the curage to show my GF and suprisingly enuff she is fine with it :) it was taking a huge boulder off my shoulders that i can draw it freely around her and dont need to worry. but its a double edge sword... i got a little to complacent and had my pad out on the table when her friend came over.... THANKFULLY if what just some rough sketches and the privats wernt drawn to detail yet. she lied and said it was for a animation project with little little girls in a playground. they took it thank goodnes... so if you do tell someone an they accept dont be to complacent

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Can I get some info on the girl from the 1st and the tenth poster plz? Perhaps a her name or the artists?

>> No. 4846 Quote report quickreply 


Nope, but I wish there were more girls like you...

>> No. 4847 Quote report quickreply 


My mother raised my brother and I to be Christian (my dad is essentially an atheist, though), so I know how you feel. Christians don't tend to be quite as strong as Catholics (unless they're those crazy ones in America - I forgot the name of the church, but you know the ones I'm talking about, I'm sure), but still... I want to be more open-minded, but my mum feels so restricting.

It's also really hard, because at my age (19), I'm struggling with religion. Whereas I used to embrace it, I now find myself questioning it.

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File 133955529298.jpg

we need some loli/shota content
random pics welcomed, comics preferred
(not quite sure if this belongs in /ss/ or here so i'm postin it in both)

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File 136789457660.png

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File 136844300159.jpg

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File 137068962225.jpg

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File 137068962226.jpg

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File 137068962398.jpg

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