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File Marie Luise 053.jpg
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File Marie Luise 054.jpg
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File Marie Luise 055.jpg
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File Marie Luise 056.jpg
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File Marie Luise SBS 30 L.jpg
Marie Luise SBS 3D Part1
Pass: MarieLuiseSBSPart1

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wow.. merry christmas
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looks good
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deleted :( please reup
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Nothing but fucking blacks all the fucking time with this guy.

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File 3.jpg

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This is my Frist LoL-H Pack
76 MB
101 Pics
The next day more packs ^^
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i have test
you must all 13 parts have ^^
sry my englich is bad xD
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File 15499_23b7.jpg
and her the big pack number two ^^
754 MB
5548 Pics
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Dude, fuck this sharing site crap, gimme a torrent. Thanks.
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dont think theres a single torrent on the board, dont like ddls? gtfo then.
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Took 2 days, but got it all.
Thanks OP.

Shame so much is pixelated crap, but there are still many gems to find in here

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I'm searching for the Artist, where this picture is from and also for other work like that. 
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えっちな秘密基地 a.k.a. Ecchi Himitsu Kichi

A lot of fakes of this floating around. Finding the real thing was a bit of a bother.



Tested and working.
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ive tryedto do everyhing that was said and for some reason it wont work i get many errors rich edit error or applocale say make its valid?? please help,step by step from the start,im sry im a noob lol
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see link in >>88480 -- that's the simplest method.

Just remember that the program you're trying to start may need to be in an English-name directory. Rename the directory if you need to.
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Does anyone know how to get 100% in this game at all?
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I figured it out. On the third part of the game (you get 4 choices if you've finished it once, the 3rd part being the several days of sex) what you want to do is go medium pace and keep clicking the medium pace until the choice on cumming inside, outside, or the other choice that has a ! at the end. Choose the ! and keep clicking the medium speed. Do this for every position and you should get close to it. There is also a scene you get if you cum outside her every day.
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create your own movie (i assume) just shows a black screen w/audio for me. any ideas?

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anyone knows where i could find  Hiraku Machidas works? i mean download for free.. if you have them plss share all..
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Download is not an RAR but an EXE. Te moment I saw that even though AVG found no malicious threat I just shredded it without trying to run or open. So not worth the risk!
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First day on the internet? Theres a ton of "download" buttons, you clicked a bait one. Hover the mouse over the links, click the one leading to depositfiles in this case, thats a rar.
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Only two marked as for that file. One leads to godaddy parking there with for sale sign on lawn the other had a dozen pop ups and lead to exe, download. Been doing this before there was even AOL

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File 149.jpg
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source plz ? >86553
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File TitleVxV1.png
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great collections.. i think that one is from kinuka..

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I didn't know if requesting lolicon was allowed in the Request board. Feel free to delete if it is.

I've been trying to find this specific loli manga for awhile now. I can't remember the name but it was about a guy who had the artist for his favorite lolicon hentai move in with him but the artist turned out to be a perverted little girl.

Anyone know the name/have it? Thank you.
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File 001.jpg
This is untranslated, sadly, but I thought it's too interesting not to share:
Porn of porn! A doujinshi based on "Cannon Sensei Tobashisugi" to be exact, made by nine pretty good artists.


I didn't know Takarada was so popular
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File 003.jpg
Would be cool if someone translated artist names from this (<<< listed hewre), I'd like to find their work
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bump? Nothing on those artists?
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Somebody was asking for Gorgeous Takarada's work a while back, so here's a friendly reminder that we have a related translation archive on this board
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this is just a guess but the artstyle of this loli cg is kinda like the ones from these people


sry of that doesnt help D:

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File 2.jpg
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File 4.jpg
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File 5.jpg
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File 6.jpg

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Help me find the artist please?
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Saitou Teikoku
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Tanks pal
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File 1365632673544.jpg
Me again, more help please? :3
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Contribute something or use google image search, youre wasting thread space.

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