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File 0502054408.jpg

I Don't know if you guys like her, but I do.

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sorry but that story is total BS... If you bother to look at the pictures they are from Germany as for the rumored stories, her name isn't even "Samantha" as for the blackmail story, total BS as well... She is and was over 18 at the time and she was posting to a German site for a while until people started downloading and posting her pics all over and writing filth captions all over them...

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reup videos please

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Oldfag here. Sounds like a recap may be needed.

First of all, as some of us already know, Sam is not German. She's from Leicester, UK. In a few of her dance videos she gives a little speech before she goes into her routine, and has an East Midlands accent typical of someone from Leicester.

Almost ten years ago now, I came across a link to her Piczo site amongst a huge link drop on a candid/busty teens blog. After I'd finished fapping myself into a coma I scraped every pic I could from the site and posted them on 12chan back when it was still active. Anons went nuts because epic b3wbz. Her fame soon spread to anonIB where she was a instant hit on YGWBT and TNR. Obviously I didn't "discover" her, but I definitely had a lot to do with making her "popular"; probably not such a great idea in hindsight. I have no way of proving this, of course. I just know what I know.

At first she seemed to enjoy the attention her insanely huge JB knockers brought her but, as if to confirm the "this is why we can't have nice things" meme, it all went sour. Anons began to accuse her of being in an incestuous relationship with her dad who it's rumored was behind the camera for her vids and pics. The key points of the blackmail story are covered by >>238570, but one point not mentioned is that it seemed she didn't realize the guy she was sending n00dz to was black. When she found out she said something to this guy which he took to mean that she didn't like black people. He got upset and threatened to blackmail her. Matters escalated, LEA got involved, guy begged and pleaded for Sam to drop the charges and promised to delete teh n00dz. I seem to remember much of this being acted out on anonIB. Anyway, the end result was that Sam was driven off the internet and blackmailer was eventually v&.

Shortly after her disappearance came the inevitable "she committed suicide/was killed in a car crash" stories, but we all know she vanished because of sustained trolling. She had a myspace page at one point and there were a few short-lived youtube accounts. There was nothing for years until a few more recent pics were found on her boyfriend's page on some now defunct social media platform. In one pic, she had dark hair. She'd packed on a little more timber but teh b3wbz were still epic. Since then, Tupac, Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa and Keyser Soze have all been sighted more often than Sam.

No n00dz ever leaked, and believe me there was plenty of demand. If she'd turned semi-pro at 18Some people claimed to have n00dz, but they were usually just pics of Ashley Sage Ellison. She supposedly flashes her tits in the shower vid where she dances to a Pussycat Dolls song, but I have only ever seen the censored ver
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"If she'd turned semi-pro at 18" should read "if she'd turned semi-pro at 18 and set up her own website she'd have made a fortune"

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I remember this girl.  She went by ShySam on YouTube. I was a big fan.  I always wondered what happened to her.

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File ebaugustd2f.jpg

Have you seen new Liz and Heather videos?
Please share someone out there!!!

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!!!! I LOVE Elizabeth & Heather !!!!

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Thanks! Her big tits are so hot.

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Thanks! Her big tits are so hot.

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Yes they are. Hope more can be uploaded for masses!

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I hope there is more!!! Thanks so much for what HAS been put out there

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File cccc.jpg

Candydoll - Piona

50pics 40mb

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File 90.png

Nastia Mouse vids
PW mouse

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File 91.png

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File 93.png

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File KarisKarson-029-01.jpg

Vídeo - 029

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File sandy-fair-000655-lg.jpg

Site Rip

All sets and vids are named/numbered as found on site. Numbers do not necessarily reflect order of release. Missing numbers do not indicate missing sets.

no pass

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File sandy-fair-007298-lg.jpg

no pass

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File sandy-fair-008699-lg.jpg

no pass

well... that's it. wish there was more. hard to believe it's been 9 months since i started (counting the brief break that was forced on me). maybe i'll have to dig up another old favorite to share...

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many thanks for your efforts! would look forward to another series, but Sandy has been much appreciated.

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It's a sad day to see the end of Sandy. Thank you so much for taking the time, trouble, effort and kindness to share her with us all!

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A similar model type, now defunct as well, is Zoey Ryder. Google should turn up pointers to all her sets.

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File thread-pic.jpg nice body, tease, 280 pics, no password


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>> No. 363551 Quote report quickreply a couple of helpings of desert, inspired by Starbucks. Named as found, CTOP, 149 pics 50MB

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Need more coffeee, one slipped through the cracks.

s167, CTOP, prev post was 165-66

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ca 159-164 6 helpings of desert some file names mucked up CTOP

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Desert topping reup after site crash s150-158
some names mucked up CTOP 220MB in 2 rars


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s149 names mucked up CTOP

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File Kimberly_excl01_115.jpg

Search Images series before "Joy Girlzz" and Informotonen to the website, the photographers and the models!

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Kiona, Megan, Michelle 1 & 2, Sigourny, Nieke, Sharon, Kimberly, Cynthia, Dionne, Gladys, Fabienne, Denice, Maxima, Lisa, Chiara, Vera, Ashley, Sanna & Jeaney!

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the photographers?

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Have you seen the "REQUEST" Section ??


The Joygirlzz sets belong to these Image sets.

Have fun


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File front.jpg

Anya oxy custom
pass pachucox

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File 44946039_img_002.jpg
pass pachucox

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File 2.jpg
pass pachucox

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I can't post anyof andrea Because some troll are reporting my inks

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how many times are you going to repost this 2005 sets?

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LMAO! If you really didn't wanna see them show up again here, WTF did you revive a 2-year-old thread?

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File zzy6b65.jpg

Eva Bikini HQ set

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The link sadly points to nothing.

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File 942097935.jpg

So sexy. Password ichan

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keep all of your posts in one thread, don't start multiple threads with the same content.

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File 0575AP (43).jpg

Its not the same content, first girl is clothed. 


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¿what set is it please? and link? Thanks in advance

>> No. 321960 Quote report quickreply here is the link 

>> No. 372010 Quote report quickreply 

new link ?

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File 3464_women_ocean_bikini_black_people_rocks_standin.jpg

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File 73069_6825-6825-bald-crotch-ebony-model-nekkid-in-.jpg

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File 373643_7677e9d.jpg


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File name3.jpg


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File zltow.jpg

Nice game

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these girls are beautiful

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