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File TGGTHAIS31.jpg

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File TGGTHAIS1701.jpg

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File TGGTHAIS1801.jpg

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File TGGTHAIS1901.jpg

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File TGGTHAIS2001.jpg

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File TGGTHAIS2101.jpg

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File z745.jpg

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File 137616644861.jpg


sets 1-25

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oh yes indeed

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the only place i known of to find the early cd's is usenet.

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What usenet is it and what do you look for?

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use nzb's to find modeldreamgirl, modelfevergirls and sweet-cindy.

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you find it and post it.

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File 48.jpg

the new Al\lGELA M0DEL !

set 1

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File angela_model_vid_11_s.jpg

vid 11

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File angela19.jpg

set 19

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File angela_model_vid_12_s.jpg

vid 12

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thanks! no new sets?

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Nope, the last set (#19) in her site is from "May 5"... Slowest updates ever...

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File 804736.jpg


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anyone got the cidy especials?

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Thanks. How did you manage to get 298MB an 20min of video out of those files?
For me even the first file seems to be corrupt and I can only extract a 211MB file 14min out of it no matter what I do. This means the error for me is in the first file and it does not even use the next ones. I used the WinRAR repair function for zips to repair the first part and extract it.

Anyone has the full video and can share it please?

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The anonfiles links are still up but the files seem to have been deleted or something, as when I click download it returns a blank page for me. I also tried Tor but the result is the same.
Can anyone reup them somewhere else? I can check if I can do something to rebuild the video, as I'm quite good with such things.

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anyone can upload the video'?

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File 03.jpg

Diana-048 Nurse.avi 358 Mb

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File 22216292_cutie-245-060.jpg

>>341716 tlz is or rather a forum on deepweb called the love zone, you got in the forum by contributing to the forum, and it had different levels you could reach in the forum....the pics that >>341711 referring about sunshine was in the very highest level only for those with pretty extreme content... but remember its deepweb .. where if not very carefull a person could get into deep trouble. .. for example. the tlz forum was operated by a guy from austrailia,, and use to poke fun at law enforcement , claiming to be untouchable.. well his forum was taken down and he got arrested late last winter by austrailia version of lea..... and >>341712 is right on spot... not all models were in volved. but pavel(owner of photo studio) with some models did regular sets and sold them to newstar.. then made other content. and videos. some was like art.. but couple models did very extreme stuff.. one was not a newstar model the other was... when the trail starts im hopeing the media will release a lot more detail... they were sold only to very rich, a couple customers were areested too , ne in france, and Canada. but they were other clients not arrested because they were out of reach from interpool and lea...I know on sunshines old twitter she didn't hide twiiting & she had even posted some pics she claimed on holiday in pretty sexy dress with older mddleast looking man who looked wealthy. like I said not all models did it, but bambi, Diana, last daniele , (now has her own nude site) ginger, new girl had just a few sets named Nellie, ginger when she was real young,none that I saw when she was older,lexi, sunshine, sweet Meagan did one that I know of when she was modeling two piece thong and black bra.. and cutie did three. all those did extend sets after regular sets, plus a few models that wasn't on newstar.

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I do not think we will hear much more about the case . Everybody just wants to sweep it under the rug. LEAs for letting the case going on for so long (for 8 years, more than 4 years after the custom stuff surfaced) despite both Pavel and his Swedish partner were involved in sexual crimes against minors in the past. I never read that any of the parents were charged or seriously persecuted despite the fact that they must have known about what was going on and took money for it. But it is easier for the investigators to pretend they didn't know anything than trying to build cases against so many mothers (mostly).

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whats fuuny and ironic is the same law makers are the same ones getting accused of same chit they so say they hate even worse is some of them like little boys lol.what a joke ...dont get me wrong ,i dont condone inapropiate behavior no n matter gender but wow these goosy republicans are so hipocritical...and someone needs to pic up a life lesson book and see that more people die per year of cancer then waisting money ..very very expencsive games playing cops and try to justifiezzz thier salery in a version of adult game of cops and robbers

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Links just redirect to spam & malware, please use a proper file server!

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thank you for lili red carpet

been trying to grab everything lili related you have been kindly sharing, before they get zapped from the forum

keep up the good shares

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File 66.jpg

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File 000.jpg


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File k.jpg
all sets pass is : tony
sets folder

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File rter.jpg

Japanese Teen idol model - KIDM-359
Download - RG

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File 1.png

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File W443_s.jpg

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File W444_s.jpg

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File W445_s.jpg

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File W446_s.jpg

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File Hotso01_s.jpg

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File 062.jpg

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