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No. 4885 Quote [Report] watch expand quickreply quickreply
where are the pics??
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This isn't very nice
>> No. 4906 Quote [Report] quickreply 
"should of" (see above)
"Should have" - if you comment on naked women inside disembowelled horses then, if I remember from school, a golden rule is to get your grammar up to scratch. 
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I'm in Love!

(No Bronies on this Board, is there?)
>> No. 4923 Quote [Report] quickreply 
sick sad children...hope you get caught and fucked up.
>> No. 4924 Quote [Report] quickreply 
wonder if they will show up in the news some day...
she is hot tho, like me a crazy woman.

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No. 4801 Quote [Report] watch quickreply quickreply
hey ladies *unzips pants*
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File 963890667680s.jpg
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That isn't very nice at all
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File chengdu-china-bus-explosion-fire-bloody-girl-02.jpg
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i would rather hunt you cock heads down.

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No. 4705 Quote [Report] watch expand quickreply quickreply
Just curious, how many of you have killed anyone, or at least fucked them up so you could see gore in real life?

If so please tell (no damning details of course).
If not, would you? Why or why not?

If you wouldn't, why do you like to see gore pics but not actually cause gore in real life?

Just interested guys, thanks.
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>> No. 4717 Quote [Report] quickreply 
i deleted my post, im a free man 4 a reason!
>> No. 4721 Quote [Report] quickreply 
I'm to tired to give a good account right now, but I'll get around to it as soon as I get some sleep.... if I remember.
>> No. 4850 Quote [Report] quickreply 
I'm interested in finding out what happened to the victim and why.
>> No. 4887 Quote [Report] quickreply 
Killed someone trying to rob a friend by smacking his skull in with a chain block.
>> No. 4894 Quote [Report] quickreply 
In Iraq double tapped two towel heads in a pickup.  Their heads popped like a zit.

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No. 4714 Quote [Report] watch expand quickreply quickreply
give me your worst
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File james-polk-picture.jpg
I'm not Gay (not at all) but if you want horny presidents of the United States you want to Google Image James Polk (see image). One horny guy. He'd have to be the woman if I were going to interfere with what surely must have been a very cute backside. If you like chubbies go for Taft. President, Supreme Court... what more could a man want in another person? He had breasts too...but presumably no vagina...
>> No. 4865 Quote [Report] quickreply 
I've followed advice. I'm not a faggot but having found Polk pix on the web I fapped mysellf like a safari park chimpanzee. Hot dude.
>> No. 4880 Quote [Report] quickreply 
File dead.jpg
>> No. 4881 Quote [Report] quickreply 
yay, one less nigger, i really wish they would stop infecting our imageboards
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File 1244499406542.jpg

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No. 4868 Quote [Report] watch quickreply quickreply
People disappearing,abductions and others by altering themselves and reality,invisibility and speed, by recreating various missing outside situations or your mind will return to the past or the reverse,time travel and maybe you’ll be able to remember this time to before they put us in here or have yet to like a can of sardines, leaving and then returning,nightlights,stores,replaced people,clones,tired yet pet of the pukes hungrily pulling your sleeping genitals,draining energy,suffocations.Nature’s examples,mind control and connected minds.Force loading people into what appears to us to be empty vehicles.Being pulled to the future or the past along with your iron coins or other materials your in contact with or surrounded by,people leaving this planet,teleportation,what year are you from.Personally affecting reality,salt and fear and getting attacked.Pets people travelling back in time getting attacked,having accidents or sending messages from another time.Really waking up over and over again,attempting to access your minds hidden information,picking,poking,prodding,interrupting people at the top and their accusations through statements,pictures,words etc,reviving regular people and bringing them out to court,attempting to recreate what happened on another world,your suspicious,reincarnation,Is this place real,it’s like watching the same movie or playing the same video game,maybe they'll reach through the screen and your reality show.Turning people into fiends by getting them to sniff something etc,preparing you for what’s happening now and after,animalism.Aneurysms and ruptures.Facial deformities and other measurements.That’s right an anal attack on colon cleansed people.Turning your place into a motel/outhouse.Figuring and writing ability among other things.Concluding the experiment and cleaning the cage.
>> No. 4869 Quote [Report] quickreply 
Oh yes? You are a madman,
>> No. 4886 Quote [Report] quickreply 
Ever heard of a paragraph, fuckhead?


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No. 4473 Quote [Report] watch expand quickreply quickreply
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File rotten peter.jpg
what goes there
>> No. 4590 Quote [Report] quickreply 
Is that what erectile tissue looks like exposed?
>> No. 4594 Quote [Report] quickreply 
File apple users get piss.jpg
The shag carpet is growing in his fore skin.
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>> No. 4878 Quote [Report] quickreply 
o men! fuck!

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No. 4794 Quote [Report] watch quickreply quickreply
I don't know anything about it, just find the pic, so fuckin cruel
>> No. 4799 Quote [Report] quickreply 
File AWESOME.jpg
Man, that would have been fun as hell to destroy her!
>> No. 4802 Quote [Report] quickreply 
shitskin untermensch
>> No. 4808 Quote [Report] quickreply 
she was posessed and killed 34 people before they got her
>> No. 4861 Quote [Report] quickreply 
Is this pic real?! Thats just fucked up man. There are some sick ass people out there.
>> No. 4862 Quote [Report] quickreply 
My medical opinion is that her injuries are serious and the prognosis is not at all hopeful. My opinion is that she has most likely suffered some kind of traumatic intervention to her body. Fortunately for this patient the head is relatively unscathed; which may give some cause for optimism.

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No. 4790 Quote [Report] watch quickreply quickreply
So fucked up: http://www.2guys1stump.org/
>> No. 4807 Quote [Report] quickreply 
i was wondering what Unforgivable was up to these days..
>> No. 4860 Quote [Report] quickreply 

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I'd do her.
>> No. 4843 Quote [Report] quickreply 
would definitely bang.
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File 13345906052.jpg
Cute dead kids thread?

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No. 4497 Quote [Report] watch expand quickreply quickreply
im board, lets get heavy!
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>> No. 4772 Quote [Report] quickreply 
what is the story behind this pic?
>> No. 4800 Quote [Report] quickreply 
Soylent Green is PEOPLE!
>> No. 4814 Quote [Report] quickreply 
>>4800 nmmmm people num num
>> No. 4815 Quote [Report] quickreply 
Whenever I consider how fucked up I am, I come here just to remind myself how much worse it could be.
>> No. 4849 Quote [Report] quickreply 
why are these doctor starter labs always so messy in the beginning?

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No. 4821 Quote [Report] watch quickreply quickreply
>> No. 4822 Quote [Report] quickreply 
File 100tearspic6.jpg
The End of Paris Hilton
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File House_of_Wax_2005.jpg
>> No. 4827 Quote [Report] quickreply 
File TheSexyDead.jpg

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