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File 139224890099.jpg

Post all filesharing links in here.
Any posts in languages that are not English or Japanese will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

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File _000.jpg

Higuma-ya (Nora Higuma) - Rinjin ga Succubus

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File 001 - A Little Practice.jpg

Takes a little while but I think I've got it to a point that I'm satisfied.  Will make more when RL allows me time :)

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More kissing and armpit licking please Childsplay >__<

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мне интересно, тут русские есть вообще? 
мимо анон, подкинувший идею об агентстве "исполнение мечты"

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Childsplay please! If you could make that both boys cum with real fertile sperm. And she could discover that her destiny is to have baby made by little boy. It would be so hot!

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watz happened with childsplay? 

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File fun surprise.png

Is anyone else turned on by boys learning about female private parts for the first time (most boys just expect girls have penises, I know I did)? So hot. Let's get a thread going on this topic.

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good thread, gonna keep an eye on it

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childsplay seemed to touch on it briefly in his "Spirit of Aang" when Samantha asks the boys if they're wondering why it looks so different in between her legs. Most boys who grow up without sisters are intensely curious and confused when they see a pussy for the first time. "Omigosh, where's your peepee?" is a typical response. When a girl showed me hers when I was 6, the first thing that came to mind was that she somehow managed to tuck her penis up into the strange vertical crease in between her legs, the next question is "how does she pee?". lol. I'd love it if someone had any material (stories, art) about this magical moment for boys.

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Can't believe no one else is into this. To me, that's the cutest, sexiest /ss/ scenario imaginable. Just imagine a beautiful 15 year old babysitter allowing a 7 year old boy to pull down her panties (while playing doctor/house/truth or dare), with the boy expecting to see a penis, only to be surprised by the sight of a beautiful pink pussy, something he didn't even know existed. Oh my god....

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Can't believe no one else is into this. To me, that's the cutest, sexiest /ss/ scenario imaginable. Just imagine a beautiful 15 year old babysitter allowing a 7 year old boy to pull down her panties (while playing doctor/house/truth or dare), with the boy expecting to see a penis, only to be surprised by the sight of a beautiful pink pussy, something he didn't even know existed. Oh my god....

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File Demona_Crypt_03.png

This is one of my new 3D Stsho pictures. More pictures are planned. I'm scetching, too. Maybe i'll post something of my scetches in the future, too.

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File After_the_planet_of_the_apes_02.png

One more of the young master and his personal apeslave.

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File Camping01.png

And another new model, a female Predator. Hehe, she's out for a little camping trip and found some company.

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Riding pictures and other poses will come as soon as i'm more familiar with my software.

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Great work. Can't wait to see the rest.

>> No. 5326 Quote report quickreply 

I absolutely love your work. I don't suppose you could perhaps some more? It has been quite a while.

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File 001.jpg

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File 02.jpg

The same picture with some minor light effects

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Thanks. Great!

>> No. 5035 Quote report quickreply 

Looking very good, hope for more!

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File The Klub 17-0001.png

danny loves his sisters feet

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File 3.jpg

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File street.jpg

Hello everyone.
I decided to lay out trial runs on this site.
If you like my work write, lay still. (I do not know much English and translate words through translator)

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New works are really hot, glad to see you are still active!

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Amazing Joker, pls post more!!

>> No. 5229 Quote report quickreply 

Thanks. March work

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Я извиняюсь, ты не русский случайно, анон?

>> No. 5273 Quote report quickreply 

Update was really great Joker, my favourite one was the 2v1, especially that it was interracial. But the woman was so damn hot, pls make more with her in stockings and black kid.

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File 1_01.jpg

Hi, I am starting a comic with TK17. It is only in Spanish because I use many expressions of Spain. I do not speak much English, sorry.
If you want to translate some English-speaking and post it, it is free to do.
It's my first comic and the design is not very good, but if like someone, I'll be happy.

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Una duda para los hispanohablantes.
Hay algún sito de straight shota en español donde pueda colgar el comic?
Esto está muy muerto para este idioma

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Hola amigo,prueba en Reydelcomix o en (Saludos)

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EP1 21pag .pdf 8,7MB MEGA


EP2 33pag .pdf 11,7MB MEGA


EP3 93pag .pdf 35,9MB MEGA


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all links dead ! reup please

reup por favor !!

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File 754937.jpg

Does somebody have this one?

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Don't try this, just leads to an endless cycle of ads and fake download links.

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if you can be patient you can download all. be patient and try again and will show it the true page of the download

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This is fake. It's just a scam.

>> No. 5080 Quote report quickreply 

I managed to get it for free, finally. Sharing the love:

Find the Perverted Mommy thread on shotachan dot net. The mediafire links worked fine for me and you can download all three back to back. NEXT you need to download a program like file joiner to combine all three parts into a usable winrar. The password is also in the thread. there is no audio, but it is for real.

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Man, thank you so much for your effort.

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File 0027.png

Well, since its has been quiet for a while im just gonna leave this here. Hope you enjoy it.

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I demand more!!

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File The Klub 17-0006.png

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File 0015.png

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File 0022.png

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File The Sins - Tutor.jpg

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Hey Spoov! Long time lurker here; and I don't wish to detract from any of your recent projects, but having read the origin story of your Lara Croft comic in it's entirety does make me wonder; will we be seeing any more of the story? 
The pool scene, Charlie spying, the drive home or handjob in the bedroom scene? Perhaps even one of the later (probably non-cano) gym blowjob scenes? 
A continuation of the story at all, would be most welcome.

I really think you could do the story justice, especially with your skills in rendering have dramatically increased as of late... 
Would love to hear your thoughts on this... Thank you for all you've done! =)

>> No. 4816 Quote report quickreply 

Marvelous Spoov. Can't wait for more additions.
Oh.....the anticipation

>> No. 4823 Quote report quickreply 

Where to Find spoov comics?

>> No. 4853 Quote report quickreply 

Any news Spoov? Looking forward to new pics!

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File Abigail Biography_sample.png

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

My nickname is ESX-VINYL. I would like here to create a thread in which I will publish high-quality renderings. Only female-boys. 

Creating renders is a long process but the satisfaction is incredible. So the final render is published render. My view of women? Big tits, beautiful sexy body and of course awesome assss. Now I'm writing a short biography of Abigail (sexy redhead mature woman). Sample image in left.

My English is bad, so if you have any ideas, please write. I will choose the best biography and it will be placed in the picture with her.

If you have ideas for renders, please write.

Best regards!

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The money is more attractive xD

>> No. 5027 Quote report quickreply 

>The money is more attractive xD

Yes. Money is more attractive. Because for money can buy things that make life easier. Yep?

On patreon I gave these renderings that are here. Just expanded versions. So no one should complain. When I have more time I'll finish this renders that had to be here. Ok?

BESIDES! On patreon I will publish for free my works. Just, you must create account and begin watching me. That's all!
If not.

If not. Do not worry! I will share with you HERE. :)

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File preview.png

Not ready. Just preview from footjob scene.

>> No. 5039 Quote report quickreply 

That looks really hot!!!
Abigail should touch herself with one hand.

>> No. 5062 Quote report quickreply 

Hey ESX-VINYL, any news?

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File 008-e.jpg

A mix of 3d works boy various artists

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File db840201b4ce6e964616db6489e4eeb4e60a14c9-tile.jpg

Anything for my boy.

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File a79fe48038e022dca89f7c824b67cab7432cf040.jpg

Good times

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>> No. 4957 Quote report quickreply 
File Mom takes contol.jpg

When you're just tired of cleaning up after the boy

>> No. 4978 Quote report quickreply 
File safesexwithmom.jpg

A belly-full of juice.

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