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3D or life-like type underage images are no more permitted. This is
considered child pornography and anyone posting these will be banned.

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Ponpharse vol.8.part1

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File 11_041.jpg
Orange Peels - Truly A Little Bit Scary Stories -The Mermaid-

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File 17_016.jpg
true pic
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File 000.jpg
Saigado - R-LAB.CS (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

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File mx2.jpg
Collection Straight Shota
146 pics / 143 Mb / small update 10.2014

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File 3.jpg
Saigado - Hitozuma Audrey-san no Himitsu ~30-sai kara no Furyou Tsuma Kouza~ Vol.1
Saigado - Hitozuma Audrey-san no Himitsu ~30-sai kara no Furyou Tsuma Kouza~ Vol.2


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search pictures , videos and archives in emule program with "straight shota" or "pedomom"
names , put more of this please!
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File shujin17.jpg
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File shujin18.jpg
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File shujin22.jpg
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File shujin23.jpg
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File shujin24.jpg
search pictures , videos and archives in emule program with "straight shota" or "pedomom"
names , put more of this please!

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alright..I don't know how to dump the whole pics in an organized way..so I'll just be dropping them..

been fooling around on TK17 ..
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These two going to do something now?!
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it's included in here:

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it's included in here: 

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How do you get those graphics?

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i used to have CGs of this series, but i already lost my old desktop wayway back and i have no idea of the title of the series or anything about it, what i do remember is i have an image of the blue haired girl having sex with the kid on a toilet.... please help
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i'm currently new in here so i am sorry for the wrong post and also thank you for putting me on the right direction
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The game is called Up!, released in 1998 by May-Be Soft. You can find a gallery of the game pictures on the ExHentai site. Here's the link...

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Thank you for the information Anonymous.

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File doggy_hands_3.gif
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i use tk 17 too, and yes you can use more people at the scene, the problem its just need build them as a toys (i read it, i just downloadin animations and models for tk, i be a beginner on it)
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How did you get Mini/Giant mod to work on 7.5?
>> No. 6844 Quote [Report] quickreply 
i no do it, just play with tall or short in customize, i repeat, just learning tk
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File doggy_hands_2.gif

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Hello everyone.
I decided to lay out trial runs on this site.
If you like my work write, lay still. (I do not know much English and translate words through translator)
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No, just more spread the work on this site I will not. Because some of my work site administration removed.
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Is there another place to see your work? You are my favorite 3D /ss/ artist!
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tell where you are going
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Hmm I wonder what the criteria for deletion is. Sam Wred's 2 threads got totally deleted.
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Gah, what'd I miss?! Was there a link to Sam's works?

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fantastic!!!.....More minigames!!! 
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author...could do an animation....please.....
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Any updates? :D
>> No. 6668 Quote [Report] quickreply 
well, when will the update please..........
>> No. 6798 Quote [Report] quickreply 
Anything new Spoov?

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Apologize for my ENG.

A classy beautiful woman age 33 who works as a creative is being sucked and smelled her cunt from the ass by a little stranger, which is just a dirty homeless kid age 9-10 in small alley somewhere in downtown. This boy was hiding around to find some classy woman that pass alone, he liked this adult a lot as he dream to molest or fuck an adult woman for a long time. Most of all, he need to sniff cunt from the ass of an adult woman. he just came to stand face to face with the woman and showed his penis, which was hardly erecting and pointing to her face, then he admired to her that she has very nice body and her ass is ready for him, he asked woman to let him smell her cunt from the ass, which he can masturbate in the same time. This woman found this kid was very horny. Anyway she was happy to do this thing with the kid as she thought her body would be useful to release his horny very well.
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File 210253.jpg
This is the first time of Dr.Sylvia age 32 young beautiful doctor, in helping tribal kids in Africa, which she has to be naked among children, Dr.Sylvia is being molested by one little stranger, who is standing in line and waiting for his medical treatment from Dr.Sylvia, the kid was interesting in doctor's shape and seeing Sylvia's vagina between her ass as his face was so close, which he strongly could even smell her cunt, so he couldn't control himself to insert his mouth and nose into Dr.Sylvia's cunt without asking or authorizing from her, then he is hardly screwing his tongue so fast into Dr. Sylvia's cunt so deep and he's also just masturbating in the same time. This kids has been dreaming to do like this with adult beautiful woman for a long time. His attention is also trying to make Dr. Sylvia feel horny with him and needs to fuck or mate with him as well. This is so common happens in this camp in which any tribal kid molest woman volunteers without asking.

The reason is no one here wears cloth, in order try to be harmonious, getting trust among children. But most of all, all the woman volunteers here such as nurses, doctors, teachers, they looks so classy and beautiful which they makes every kids get horny all the time, the kids can't bear themselves to molest to volunteers, so in the same time, while volunteers are helping kids, they also have been fucked and molested by the kids too. The woman volunteers have been mated by the kids all the time.
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File CampKidsWelcomeNewWomanVolunteers.jpg
It's the first day of working in the camp of homeless kids in Africa for these three volunteers ; Doctor Carol, Dorothy and Lisa. They have been confirmed that having sex with the kids in the camp is very common as the kids in this country have the right to ask for having sex with adult white or Asian woman, no matter they're married or not, and all the women must have sex with them in order to release their horny.

First step these three volunteers got down from the bus, they have been welcoming by 3 little strangers in the camp, which Alaba was interesting in Dr. Carol, which she looks so classy and has very perfect body like the others. he just came behind Dr. Carol to smell her cunt in the ass, after he satisfied doctor's cunt smell, then put his dirty black cock into the doctor's cunt in the ass, upside down the body then start mating with the doctor, and this was happened so quick! As well as happened with Dorothy and Lisa, The nurses they came together with Dr.Carol, one kid is favoring in Dorothy's cunt, which he has just smelled quietly her cunt in the ass, which Dorothy didn't realize, then he start to put all his nose and mouth into her ass immediately to smell her cunt and ass hardly. Another kid is inserting his tongue inside Lisa's cunt without asking her too.
>> No. 5766 Quote [Report] quickreply 
moar and sauce?
>> No. 6662 Quote [Report] quickreply 
I like your stories, are there any more art wherein white women are being mated and gangraped by african children?
>> No. 6774 Quote [Report] quickreply 
What the hell "cunt" cunt" cunt" really dude?

Hide Thread File 44052726_p2.jpg
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http://depositfiles.com/files/xz6ykvynf 470 mb

Hide Thread File 14844a7b15035a290cafe9f89db30d8a.jpg
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Does anybody has this image set?

Hide Thread File Demona_Crypt_03.png
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This is one of my new 3D Stsho pictures. More pictures are planned. I'm scetching, too. Maybe i'll post something of my scetches in the future, too.
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File After_the_planet_of_the_apes_01.png
I got a new model, a female chimp like in Planet of the Apes. This inspired me to a little series, centuries later humans defeated the apes and using them again as slaves and sexslaves.
>> No. 6208 Quote [Report] quickreply 
File After_the_planet_of_the_apes_02.png
One more of the young master and his personal apeslave.
>> No. 6209 Quote [Report] quickreply 
File Camping01.png
And another new model, a female Predator. Hehe, she's out for a little camping trip and found some company.
>> No. 6210 Quote [Report] quickreply 
Riding pictures and other poses will come as soon as i'm more familiar with my software.
>> No. 6211 Quote [Report] quickreply 
Great work. Can't wait to see the rest.

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