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File 001 - A Little Practice.jpg

Takes a little while but I think I've got it to a point that I'm satisfied.  Will make more when RL allows me time :)

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File 013.jpg

Hey guys! :) Let's get on with this shall we? Also I appreciate the info and link to RenderMan. I will have to give it a try and see what can be done! Thank you!

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File 014.jpg

Been too long I agree! Was awesome to get the opportunity to do the renders again! Enjoy!!

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I love that flash of her armpit we get to see in the first update pic. Samantha's lookin hot, childsplay, more please, for the love of god!

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waiting for interracial content...

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Well first of all I only wait for any new content heh

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File 635439b8c77a98ff21f7dd5dc2c44c5b.gif

second life looks better and better^^

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File 04114b4894d9573826381de1d4a172b9.gif

some more

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File oooo (2).gif

more of this?please

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I doubt theres more, use google image search, there should be a gif thread, use the catalog.

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File oooo (3).gif

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File 1418432164012.png

I've been designing a game called "Let's Rape Little Boys" for a very long time, and these captions are part of it. They tell an overall story, about a Goddess Worship cult called "The Daughters of Lilith". If any of you go on 7chan's /ss/ board, you will have seen these, but I haven't really posted them anywhere else. They were generally well received on Tumblr and 7chan.

Hopefully this doesn't come off looking like blogspam, or shitposting.

I do like criticism, as long as it's reasonably constructive.

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File 1426700876079-0.png

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File 1426700876079-1.png

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File 1426700876079-2.png

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File 1426700876079-3.png

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File 1426700876079-4.png

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File 1427106192391.jpg

This guy's doujins come in two versions, one with text and one that's textless. I'll stick to posting the textless versions.

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File 1427107166928-0.jpg

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File 1427107166928-1.jpg

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File 1427107189349-0.jpg

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File 1427107189349-1.jpg

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File 1427107189349-2.jpg

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File The Sins - Tutor.jpg

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Spoov can you re-upload the game, please?

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Spoov it's great that you are back!
Can you do something with a teacher and her student or with a Aunt and her nephew?

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when are you gonna released the nxt chptr of lara croft

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Spoov do you have anything new coming up?

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File street.jpg

Hello everyone.
I decided to lay out trial runs on this site.
If you like my work write, lay still. (I do not know much English and translate words through translator)

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Does anyone know where Joker is posting new works?

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He's posting at Lolicit.

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Can you be so kind and post his works here?
Because i cannot get into that board.

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yes that's it!! i can't too!! please post here!!

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Please post his works from Lolicit.

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File 136644871971.jpg

Show me yours, I'll show you mine

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File 136722894538.jpg

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File 136995931741.jpg

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File 137007989531.png

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File 137265571990.jpg

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File 137265571996.jpg

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File 13977507593.jpg

I remember once seeing a doujin of a bunch of boys peeing in their teacher once. Didn't save it, and cannot find it.

So if you have it please post it.

Meanwhile, pee thread

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File 137136393527.jpg

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File 137136396789.jpg

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File 137137031056.jpg

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source please?

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Found it, it's 2013-05 issue of Comic Shitsurakuten

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File 139775060498.jpg

Any games, flash or otherwise?

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File 13650459926.jpg

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File 137816925039.jpg

wait a second, didn't I post a link yesterday (or two days ago)? what happened to that post?

must have bugged, let me see if I can find it again...

found it:

four parts

(if a mod deleted my previous post please drop a post explaining why, since it is straight shota after all)

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Despite the shitty voice acting this is pretty decent. I wish wsfchan had a seperate shota tag instead of lumping it all in with loli.
For some reason sfchan is seen as spam and the system bans you.
repidgator is a bannu too, and so is fucking mirrrcreato
Can even post the proper names even outside of links cause this filter is shit.
No wonder this board has been pretty slow. Is there a list of banned file sharing sites in the rules so people dont have to wait around for hours while trying to put up links?

Full downloads of the Rei game are here:

The Full Mari game here:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I used to be able to view exhentai, but now I cannot get past the sad panda even with the Firefox plug-in.

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>what happened to lrlb gaiden?


I kept working on the game after it was finished, just tossing in new ideas as I thought of them. It now has a story, with two endings, and lots of ridiculous new content.

I suggest playing with sound on.

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File 138141230488.png

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File 139768712254.jpg

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File 139768712278.jpg

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File 139768724144.jpg

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File 139768724151.jpg

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File 139768724167.jpg

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File 134527405940.jpg

Femdom or submissive male.

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File 137355325388.jpg

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File 139724430334.jpg

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File 139724430447.jpg

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File 139724430551.jpg

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File 139724430628.jpg

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