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File 139775060498.jpg

Any games, flash or otherwise?

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File 13650459926.jpg

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File 137816925039.jpg

wait a second, didn't I post a link yesterday (or two days ago)? what happened to that post?

must have bugged, let me see if I can find it again...

found it:

four parts

(if a mod deleted my previous post please drop a post explaining why, since it is straight shota after all)

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Despite the shitty voice acting this is pretty decent. I wish wsfchan had a seperate shota tag instead of lumping it all in with loli.
For some reason sfchan is seen as spam and the system bans you.
repidgator is a bannu too, and so is fucking mirrrcreato
Can even post the proper names even outside of links cause this filter is shit.
No wonder this board has been pretty slow. Is there a list of banned file sharing sites in the rules so people dont have to wait around for hours while trying to put up links?

Full downloads of the Rei game are here:

The Full Mari game here:

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I used to be able to view exhentai, but now I cannot get past the sad panda even with the Firefox plug-in.

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>what happened to lrlb gaiden?


I kept working on the game after it was finished, just tossing in new ideas as I thought of them. It now has a story, with two endings, and lots of ridiculous new content.

I suggest playing with sound on.

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File 138141230488.png

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File 139768712254.jpg

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File 139768712278.jpg

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File 139768724144.jpg

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File 139768724151.jpg

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File 139768724167.jpg

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File 134527405940.jpg

Femdom or submissive male.

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File 137355325388.jpg

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File 139724430334.jpg

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File 139724430447.jpg

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File 139724430551.jpg

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File 139724430628.jpg

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File 131855138186.jpg

Moving the "Girl Beats Boy" manga-find here due to annoying circumstances elsewhere:

What we have so far:
Vol 1-2:
Vol 3-4:
Vol 5&8:
Vol 9&11:
Vol 12-13:

Still actively searching for 6,7,10, and anything after 13. Will keep you updated. And please help if you speak Japanese. This stuff is rare. Also, much thanks to Sayo Guardian for all the scanning.

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File JSZDWQA.png

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File mrape_08.jpg

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File mrape_09.jpg

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File mrape_11.jpg

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File mrape_12.jpg

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File 13977507435.png

Not totally sure if this is allowed, but it's something that I've found enjoyable, and I think you all will as well.

These first two are just standard JOI/JOE audio. Mother/Son stuff. I personally like the first one, but if you're into accents, you'll love the second.

These next ones are a single story, pretty good if you've got a couple hours to kill. Not strictly /ss/, but in the neighborhood. Still Mother/Son.

These next ones are JOI video. Pretty English lady coos into a webcam like it's her prepubescent son. Her name is Kelly Hart, and she does a lot of this stuff.

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File 136158630229.png

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File 136177866830.jpg

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File 138615594114.jpg

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File 138615599634.jpg

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File Mileena001.jpg

Hello /ss/ lovers, I am Schlippy! I've decided to do Straight Shota. Kids fucking female characters from video games, enjoy!

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File SShota_HiRes-001.jpg

Still trying to get better at posing, here is a high resolution render. Enjoy!

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File lowres_Teaser01.jpg

I am working on something for you all. The image posted is a low resolution render because I am in a bit of a hurry for something but trust me, you'll see a better high resolution version of it, this is just a teaser for what I am working on.

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Looks great, really looking forward to the rest!

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I'm from Germany I love it when little boys have sex with female celebrities and models zb jennifer lopez, jessica alba, jessica burciaga, khloe terae and more perfection women

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File The Klub 17-0003.png

Ok guys listen up! Im currently working on a SS-Movie which might take 2-3 weeks. I can't tell Yyu how long the Movie is going to be, but what i can ensure you is that it wont be a short 5-10 mins mix with Clips. Im talking about a Movie thats least 60 mins rich in substance. It will have a fantasy story based in a fable world. The movie will be avaible on my Wordpress Site... So be prepared!

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Interesting. Good luck, I wanna see it!!!

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thats amazing, i can't wait to see, keep it up! :)

PS: i would love bigtits mom, shota boys -sons with smaller penis ! not the super black big penis! ty
thats my likes tho :) -cheers-

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you mean something like this? yes im familir with this genre but i thought to bring some fantasy elements into it. :)


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File hj_2.gif

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Feel a little sorry for Daryl, he never got to put his cock into his best friends Mom. . . . Shame.

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more more more more more more more

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who on earth did this and is there more?

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File OldRoom 01.jpg

Some renders from the Artist Big Wallop (infamous artist who did the Maid set).

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File OldRoom 23.jpg

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File OldRoom 24.jpg

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File OldRoom 25.jpg

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File OldRoom 26.jpg

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File OldRoom 27.jpg

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File Milf woman boy(clis-animation).jpg

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i love you works! moar please!!

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can you make a comic with a little babyboy with little thin penis and big godess mommy with hot lingerie.... please!!!! we needed!! thanks!!

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File Katara-handjob(clis-animation).gif

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Clis do you got anything new?

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thank you clis! you are amazing!
i would love to see a bigtits mom and two small sons!
animated if possible (maybe armpit hair licki!)


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File Motherly Affection 01.jpg

Here's some new stuff from me.

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more moreeeeeeeeeeee!!! pleaseeeee!!

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Could you maybe add some foot fetish action ?

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fucking hot.

but why is the dude colored like a zombie?

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When is the new comic going to be released?

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File 261240.jpg

search pictures , videos and archives in emule program with "straight shota" or "pedomom"
names , put more of this please!

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File shujin17.jpg

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File shujin18.jpg

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File shujin22.jpg

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File shujin23.jpg

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File shujin24.jpg

search pictures , videos and archives in emule program with "straight shota" or "pedomom"
names , put more of this please!

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