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http://depositfiles.com/files/ko5jz1ajk 778 mb

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Im currently working on this 3d "comic" and would like to know your guys opinion... if i should continue!
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File 3D SexVilla 2-0110.png
I would like to make a blog but there arent any sites that offer annonym bloging. thats why i havent started anything yet. i am open to oppertunitys though. if someone could linke me a page where i can blog stuff annonym then i would spam it full... ;)
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I don't think you'll get into trouble if you just post on a random blog, other people do it. You could also use a VPN and hide your ip
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I've seen this art style before, is there a comic or series from this artist?
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File Natasha.png
not yet but if you guys demand it that bad... there might be a miracle.
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im going to release my videos on my new blog and some other content. hope you enjoy it.


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Can we have a muttonfed thread please? 
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File muttonfed-art-31.jpg
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File muttonfed-art-93.jpg
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Originals if possible please, not the coloured ones unless it's all you have.
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File muttonfed-art-51.jpg

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File AL03_1.jpg
alt links
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What's this called?

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Will share to community as I complete them. Thanks, Chronos X
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Good work, more celebrities straight shota please, MILFs and famous pornstars will be good
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If I find a good pic I can sketch from of her.. I will do it.
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File 415584003_903956.jpg
In the meantime... Guess who?  Cheers - Chronos X
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File sofiavergara.gif

Some suggestions for MILFs

Sofia Vergara, Nina Hartley, Gianna Michaels

Nothing are more erotic that a good women teaching young boys ^^

Society needs that impulse for god's shake xD

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Im looking for straight shota with a mother fucking her sons ass either with a strapon or her on dick.

Pic semi related
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Try Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaa-san The Animation episode 2

Warning Extreme NTR

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