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File 754937.jpg

Does somebody have this one?

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Link says ''File Blocked by User'' :(

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download on ------ shotachan . net

------- and emule program ....keyword is pedomom or straight shota

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Can anyone put in another site?

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----- shotachan . net

------ free member -----

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There are lots of straight shota video premiumhentai but where can we get it for free?

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File 260810fe25ab46a22f9d171e6e947706.jpg

Anyone knows any or has links to them? They don't have to be Eng subbed, but would be better if they were.

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File 1418432164012.png

I've been designing a game called "Let's Rape Little Boys" for a very long time, and these captions are part of it. They tell an overall story, about a Goddess Worship cult called "The Daughters of Lilith". If any of you go on 7chan's /ss/ board, you will have seen these, but I haven't really posted them anywhere else. They were generally well received on Tumblr and 7chan.

Hopefully this doesn't come off looking like blogspam, or shitposting.

I do like criticism, as long as it's reasonably constructive.

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File 1426700876079-1.png

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File 1426700876079-2.png

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File 1426700876079-3.png

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File 1426700876079-4.png

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Just to say that I really loved the idea and would love to play this game!

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File Sleepover_Bathtime.jpg

"Great story" could make history will tell us to do so.

- The serious story of a mother named Angelina, who is a widow with a son named Billy 8 years old, Billy always spy in the bathroom when the bath and always masturbates without her noticing.

One day Tuesday morning Mrs. Gladys goes to the house of his vecia Angelina if his son Luke 8 year old could stay home for a few days and will be overseas for a few days.

Then Angelina accepts saying can stay if Lucas is the friend of my son can stay when you want, then in the afternoon Billy gets to play with the PS3 lucas till night.

On the night Lucas went to the bathroom to shower and sat in the tub and started playing with his boat in the bathtub, then I'll Angelina to the bathroom, she was naked only covered with a towel on her body and also had a towel tied around the head and had a phone in his hand and said sorry Lucas is your mother wants to know if you're okay.

Constesto her mother telling her cell Lucas: Mommy do not worry I'm fine with Angelina qui lady, do not worry Ten okey careful, be very careful mommy mommy I love you and hung up.

Angelina will love the tenderness that Lucas had his mother, and said: Do you really want lucas much your mom.

Lucas: I love it when she is very good to me always buys me my toys.

Angelina replied: You're a good boy Lucas say that about your mother, incidentally lucas do not need help with bathing.

Lucas stood up and said no ma'am I would notice if I need something to worry about.

Angelina saw the penis lucas, and immediately excited because I had never seen a penis, after the death of her husband.

Angelina tries to seduce Luke and towel covering his body out.

Angelina said: Forgive lucas'm silly towel fell off my'm careless.

Lucas seeing naked Angelina was given the erect penis, but immediately try to taparselo with his hands, but Angelina had seen the erect penis Lucas made the even hotter put.

Angelina said Lucas: Lucas wanted because you cover your pipi, it is normal that you put your erect piss me naked.

Then Angelina came to him and said: Do not worry, I'll help lucas, lucas grabbed his penis and began to masturbate are your hands, then started sucking by lucas will run into his mouth.

After Angelina began to show Lucas masturbarba while having her vagina and rubbing with fingers Lucas watching the penis.

Lucas to see Angelina rub her clit has also started to masturbate until he returned to work again.

Angelina was pretty excited knew that the only way for him to remove the emotion was follar.aunque knew it was bad to have sex with her son's friend
but she did not care because it was too hot.

Angelina lucas said the following: bath salt Lucas and lie down on the floor.

Lucas obediently
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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What the fuck?

First I read, "mother and son" then I look at the pic, see a white woman and a black kid.

..Son, you're doing it wrong. Leave the interracial BBC shit with the grown-ups.

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This, interracial is shit

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Fuck racisl. Interracial is great.

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obvious whos behind in time...

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No racist but this is shit

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File Mileena001.jpg

Hello /ss/ lovers, I am Schlippy! I've decided to do Straight Shota. Kids fucking female characters from video games, enjoy!

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>>4360 In fact,
I started to work on something like that two days ago, not as similar but it has the same idea ;)

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That is a horrible idea

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any news ? i'm lurking on the site but not a single change since the beginning :s

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I switched to tumblr instead of having my own website, it's

>> No. 4508 Quote report quickreply 

Thanks schlippy, hope that tumblr stays open 

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File 1427106192391.jpg

This guy's doujins come in two versions, one with text and one that's textless. I'll stick to posting the textless versions.

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File 1427107166928-1.jpg

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File 1427107189349-0.jpg

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File 1427107189349-1.jpg

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File 1427107189349-2.jpg

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This stuff is awesome! Never seen it before either. Do you know if there's any more of it?

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File 134267971723.gif

Straight shota themed animated .Gifs

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File 1 (36).gif

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File 1 (39).gif

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File 1 (40).gif

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File 1 (41).gif

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File 1 (45).gif

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File 5691ad51659d3bb3258754ee81a18619.jpg

A man and a shota boy doublefucking a woman. More?

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File a9299d4e22bf8560102baf65db8a61e1f4b8beed.jpg

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ive been searching for stuff like this but its really rare to non existent.

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File Man Boy Woman 03.jpg

Found a few

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File Man Boy Woman 04.jpg


>> No. 4479 Quote report quickreply 

hell ya moar!

would be hot if its little son boy with dad with mom!

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File 140520577778.jpg

More by this artist(s), or more in this "mock-realistic" style of straight shota?

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File r15.jpg

More of the same...

>> No. 4435 Quote report quickreply 
File r21.jpg

And another...

>> No. 4436 Quote report quickreply 
File r33.jpg

and a fourth

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File Mom Son Shotacon 3D Incest (3).png

more straight shota , pedomom


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Hola a mi me encanta este material me encantaria ver mas relatos con imagenes 

Estaria super un relato con imagenes gif de una mama con una amiga que se fueran de vacaciones a un hotel con bungalos y una alberquita privada y en ese hotel intercambiaran hijos.

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File _lick.png

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File 1ay.jpg

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File 1e4_1129201971424.jpg

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File 3b5b0d69a6d4010e64c782c0804b651575105c26.jpg

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File 137100914419.gif

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wtf comic is this and where can I find more?

>> No. 4371 Quote report quickreply 

sure about the name but at rule34 you can find a lot more of these.

>> No. 4372 Quote report quickreply 

Can you give me a general idea of where to look to find this on R34? Because short of looking through 150 pages of the 'comic' tag, I have no idea.

>> No. 4378 Quote report quickreply 

After some searching I found it: write this in the search: Dagger_(Artist)

>> No. 4380 Quote report quickreply 

Thanks, man. Godspeed. 

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File Sleepover_Bathtime.jpg

video download link:!f5EDhLoA!43EfOwzUEcDEk1BNO-Ex16kEitMqPKfUi-0xsVatu8Q

someone who understands the language of video, could send me the video subtitles in a text document please, is to put subtitles in Spanish. >[i][/i]

Is that I do not understand much English?

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