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File 1425023205100.jpg

sequel when?

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Castlevania is kind of dead, so don't expect anything but reboot monstrosities. You still have a bulk of handheld games to pick from. All of them play similarly to sotn, more or less depending on the title.

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>tfw Konami literally don't give two shits about Castlevania anymore

We all feel your pain, IGA....

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A 3D sequel for 360 and ps3 was announced at TGS 2007, but we got nothing more than a teaser

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>tfw the last Castlevania was Lords of Shadow
>tfw it was shit

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File 1424607888205.jpg

Which games will /v/ play today?

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either rogue legacy, starbound, or binding of Isaac rebirth. Or nothing, idk.

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I don't play video games.

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File 1424608298551s.jpg

Probably some h-rpgmaker games.

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File 1424608571193.jpg


Capitalism bitch.

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Diablo 3 with my morning coffee, then probably MH4 most of the day

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File 1424578099189.png

So, what do ya'll think?

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I don't mind the hit stagger as much as that ugly ass red indicator at the top. Just remove that shit entirely.

Also I like that there is a battle theme for day/night but holy shit there seems to be no ambient/field music.

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They said that there would be weapon switching with the dpad right? Is it still in? In the latest footage left and right switches between special attacks so I'm thinking maybe not.

I did see a 3 hit combo with one weapon being repeated 3 times in quick succession on one enemy, while the set auto weapon switch combo at the time involved multiple weapons.

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Walkthrough translation

When Noct changes speed, his party members will too, naturally. It's all in the animation.
A red gauge appears when enemies are close. Encounter gauge. Then battle starts and it disappears (There's also an audio cue that kicks in when the gauge appears).
Lock-on is in of course. There's also an auto lock. When the red encounter gauge fills, battle starts. You can run before it does.
The current monster won't attack on its own. If you attack it though, it'll become hostile.
Triangle button is assigned to abilities, but it uses MP. Abilities tied to weapons.
Defending uses MP, abilities use mp, so keeping track of your mp use is extremely important in XV.
When the blue particles appear and you dodge, that means you're using up MP. MP can completely vanish if you're stuck in a sticky situation.
His two party members just helped each other while they were trying to move Noctis into a specific position. Killing this monster gets you Meat for cooking at camp.
Even within the same monster species, they come in different physical sizes, and even sometimes have different move sets.

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Sometimes the enemy flashes. When it flashes, the following attack is gonna be real fucking strong. It's also a chance to counter.
After parrying, partner attacks can kick in automatically.
As your party grows closer, new partner moves are unlocked while they talk at camp etc.
They basically found a super strong version of the monsters they were just fighting. The queen. HP/MP recover automatically, but it's slow.
Apparently you can't dodge this enemies attacks, so he's gonna put everything into power/damage dealing.
You can change weapons mid-battle by jumping right into the menu. For example you want a different skill, so you swap out.
Behemoth Smoke Eye is one of the big bosses in the demo. Finding hints of where he went, and looking for him. AKA: big foot steps.
You can set your destination marker , making it easier to navigate there.
The blue shiny things on the environment are items you can pick up, some of which can be traded for cash. Though he's a prince.
The goal of the demo is to get enough money to get their car back. They gotta fix the car.
Beating Smoke Eye gets you a fair chunk of cash cause he's kind of a badass. They won't show any more of the main quest line.
Your party members will point stuff out, say they wanna go places etc. They serve to point out that optional stuff organically.
Night time! It's super fucking dangerous. Goblins! They're typically only in dark areas/dungeons, but they come out at night.
Night time enemies have a lot of status inducing attacks.
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>you just stand there while your AI controlled party members do everything for you

Jesus Christ it's FFXIII all over again.

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File 1424569774507.png

Another Majoras Mask 3D thread: Why can't I steal the gorons hotel room edition.

Any changes that irritate you? Any changes you're glad they made? The Bomber notebook is kinda weird now.

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File 1424573586449s.jpg

I just got a "game over" in a gold skultula house. Game overs now just send you back to the beginning of the dungeon, no title screen.

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the fastest way to grind is by using the zora boomerang game. you literally don't have to move from one spot. go there as soon as you get the giant's mask, and you'll get 5000 in five trips max.

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And eavesdropping on Anju and her mom.

>> No. 1059 Quote report quickreply 

I can never remember to do that.

>> No. 1060 Quote report quickreply 
File 1424573773013.jpg

They fixed most of the problems I had with the original. They should have made playing the elegy of emptiness faster, though. That shit is annoying to play over and over.

The Bombers telling you what to do for sidequests is a bit much, too. The notebook hints should have been added from the gossip stones instead of from the bombers.

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File 1424572348026.png

Hyperdevotion Noire release on the 24th in North America.
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 Steam stub:
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 Coming in Summer 2015: (No PC port yet)

Neptunia mk2 Bonus Voices
Neptunia Victory Japanese LE Soundtrack CD (FLAC)!SR1ihDgA!R3RVMzQFNKZTGOcQYAjB5_fKqJRZhcMH2hxHHiw5AXk
Neptunia Victory Japanese LE "What if goddess was your waifu" CD (FLAC)!yc80mQhL!kMRPGY2TGd7jNO5Ks6y3cjKuMEHP-5sTnEx-F7OGeEs

Nep-Nep discussion here.

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File 1424581128742.jpg

>As previously reported, Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II spans across three dimensions—Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Ragnarok’s Goddess at the Edge of the Cliff, Hyperdimension Neptunia G: Gold Bellwether—Gamindustri’s Existence Transformation, and Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Final and Thus into the Legend

I suppose VII will be the final main Nep game, huh? Or is it one of those franchises where they can continue as long as they want (whether its following the continuity, reboots, or neither)?

>> No. 1039 Quote report quickreply 

No idea. They originally wanted it to be a trilogy, but then decided to shove it all into one game.

>> No. 1040 Quote report quickreply 

They could probably keep it going on for as long as they like or until they just get tired. From what I've played in Re;Birth 1 the series isn't one sprawling epic, heck sometimes it feels like there isn't that much of a plot since it really isn't all that focused.

Which game was that for? Because since I only got into the series the fact that they wanted to make this a trilogy is news to me.

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File 1424233477258-0.png

Scared you when you when you were younger and still might unnerve you somewhat today that are not horror titles/obvious jump scare moments.

These two levels from goldeneye made me want to turn the console off when I was a kid and the last time I played statue park a few months ago I felt really uncomfortable.

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File 1424303087844-0.png

Wallmasters scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. First time I played Legend of Zelda I didn't know that breathing sound was the boss, and thought it was the hands coming out of the wall. They still freak me out a bit.

>> No. 1032 Quote report quickreply 

Eternal Darkness was GOAT when it came to 4th wall breaking scares.

I mean P.T. was kinda scary and unsettling but I wish more games took advantage of their console and did 4th wall breaking scare stuff again.

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File 1424317910163.jpg

Silent Hill 1

Those monsters.

When you enter the school you see some little ghosts that are afraid of you, they even try to run away and just fall on the ground.

I thought these monsters were the rotting bodies of dead children possessed by demons.

The ghosts were a representation of their last moments of life.

>silent hill 3,
that fucking red thing that chases you in the haunted house

>parasite eve 1
the endboss becomes invincible and chases you, if it even touches you, you die and have to battle him again
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>> No. 1034 Quote report quickreply 

not vidya but this is the kind of spooky shit kids have to put up with these days

was looking after my niece recently and she was watching these and ran into my room screaming and crying about the face coming to get her

>> No. 1035 Quote report quickreply 

>playing Taz 2
>at the beach thing with ice boomerangs
>gotta get to the submarine
>fucking sharks in the way
>get to sub
>gotta kill sharks in sub
>fuck this shit.jpg
I have always had an unrational fear of the open ocean

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File 1424300886708.jpg

>Weren’t too keen on using Wii U GamePad motion controls for the forthcoming Star Fox title for Wii U? Well, there’s some good news according to Game Informer. The latest edition of the magazine says that while the game features motion controls you’ll still be able to play it in a traditional manner. The US magazine says “Pilots can control the game either with their GamePad’s analog sticks or motion control.”

>“Nintendo is planning on bringing Fox Mcloud out of retirement for a new entry on the Wii U. Fox will be able to fly his Arwing and seamlessly transform into a tank during certian sequences. Pilots can control the game either with their Gamepad’s analog sticks or motion control. The game was very early in development and looked admittedly rought the last we saw of it, but we’re hoping Fox gets the new, grand adventure he deserves.”

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>> No. 1001 Quote report quickreply 

Not even officially announced. You do realize that right?

>> No. 1002 Quote report quickreply 


Will the last boss have some asspull where the Starfox team combine all their arwings and landmasters into some giant mech contraption and smash Andross or whoever?
I hope so

>> No. 1003 Quote report quickreply 

>the rest of the team actually contributes in the final battle

Yes please

>> No. 1004 Quote report quickreply 

>Starfox gattai

I never knew how much I wanted this

>> No. 1005 Quote report quickreply 
File 1424303949720.png

>finally, after over a decade, star fox happening this year
>metroid for 3ds hinted at being announced this year
Where were you when Nintendo saved gaming?

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File 1424309570049.jpg

Why the fuck aren't we asking devs to port more Japanese games for PC?

Why don't we make a fucking petition for Persona 5, Atelier, etc among other titles?

Or are you just lazy pieces of shit who don't want to make any effort then complain why there aren't more Jap games on Steam? At least try to share the already made petitions.

>Only 14k

C'mon, we can do better idiots. Japs are finally starting to port games to PC, why can't we just go and give the final push?

Fucking pussies, I bet you don't even have a waifu AND a husbando at the same time.

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>> No. 986 Quote report quickreply 

Someone I know from a certain other forum, guess it's not you after all?

>> No. 987 Quote report quickreply 

All three of those are already on Steam, with every major release this gen being assured a PC port.

Atlus now falls under Sega, which loves PC and has listened to petitions before.

Koei Tecmo twitter account has displayed signs of being based before.

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File 1424314712518.gif

>mfw hairy barbarian
>i wish japan had won WW2

>> No. 989 Quote report quickreply 

They only need to commission a single port.

After that, it'll sell and future games will be guaranteed no matter what.

>> No. 990 Quote report quickreply 

I er I mean someone already made a petition for persona 5.

if anyone wants to sign it, that'd be grand.

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File 1423970160597.jpg

Would you donate 500 dollars to go on a date this Valentine's Day?

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>> No. 961 Quote report quickreply 

I can get several vidya for that or several figures of my waifu.

>> No. 962 Quote report quickreply 

this guy gets it.

I should really just try to pester somebody on /a/ to draw her for me but I wouldn't really know what to even ask for and besides they've got four trillion requests as it is I don't wanna force my tastes on them as well.

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File 1423971435179.png

This is why dota is cancer

>> No. 964 Quote report quickreply 

The one time I got on a webcam I had a ton of gay guys hitting on me. Think I could get away with this? It was pretty creepy, but it might be worth it to make a ton of cash playing games and doing a bit of awkward flirting.

>> No. 965 Quote report quickreply 

Just go gay anonymous
Think about it


>your partner won't cockblock you anywhere near as much
>no period
>can support themselves
>not batshit insane


>higher chance of aids

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File imagesCAL5FRW9.jpg

Can I ask you guys a question. Why does the internet hate Call of Duty?

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>> No. 887 Quote report quickreply 

Because it's a shitty game that requires no skill whatsoever, and marks the downfall of the video game industry.

>> No. 888 Quote report quickreply 

this game stinks, i just dont know why i bought for pc... its have 6k ppl playing this shit

>> No. 892 Quote report quickreply 

I loved CoD: Black Ops
Does that count?

>> No. 898 Quote report quickreply 

I hate Call of Duty. And you're right, I do suck at it. But I also suck at League of Legends, but that doesn't stop it from being one of my favorite games.

>> No. 900 Quote report quickreply 

I hate it because I don't believe the mechanics of the game have really progressed since MW2, yet continues to outsell many other games which are far more diserving of financial support on account of idiots 'knowing not what they do'.

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File DivinityOS.jpg

Like oldschool RPGs like first Divine Divinity or Baldur's Gate? Like turn-based gameplay from Fallout? Like to play in coop with your friend? Then THIS GAME IS FOR YOU. 
Join the ride on Kickstarter to help it to be even better 

>> No. 880 Quote report quickreply 

I'm looking forward to this one a really long time. Thanks for the heads up, hmmm that 300$ tier looks nice :P

>> No. 896 Quote report quickreply 
File jpBT-113-1.jpg

I prefer Action RPGs. Might as well use the processing power of the PC for something.

>> No. 897 Quote report quickreply 
File jamitin2.jpg

I prefer my ARPGs free to play.

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File Fire.jpg

Street Fighter 4 ever!

>> No. 894 Quote report quickreply 
File USFIV.jpg


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